This tool is designed to help consumers explore projected costs of buying and using different insurance plans sold through Access Health CT (AHCT). We hope that it will allow consumers to better understand and compare the potential total out-of-pocket costs -- including premium, copays, deductibles and co-insurance -- of various health insurance plans. The tool uses information you will enter about yourself and the members of your household to project your eligibility for certain health care programs, and estimates monthly and annual cost for your household. The tool estimates the costs of receiving care based on actual claims data. All information may be subject to change without notice.

By checking “I Agree” below, you acknowledge that you understand the following:
  • The results generated by the tool are an estimate. Your actual costs may vary significantly from the estimate depending on your actual healthcare usage and the type(s) and location(s) of the care you receive.
  • This tool is not intended to be your sole source of information for health insurance decisions. You should consider all relevant facts in choosing a health insurance plan, including whether your doctors accept the insurance and are in the network, and the extent to which necessary prescription drugs are covered.
  • The tool’s results are not an endorsement of, and should not be considered support for or against, any specific plan, program, or insurance carrier.
  • The information that you enter into this tool will not be stored nor shared with any third party or insurance company. It will have no effect on your current or future premiums, cost sharing, or eligibility for coverage.


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